Faculty & Leadership

The best measure of our institutional success is our students' success. Our leadership and faculty are passionate about meeting the unique needs of adult online students across the United States and around the globe.

Champlain College Leadership

Our leadership team is fiercely committed to designing career-focused, quality academic programs; teaching, and the immediate practical application of knowledge in the workplace; increasing access and opportunity for all.

Champlain College Faculty

Champlain College Online's faculty are expert practitioners in their fields. Their industry expertise ensures that our curriculum is aligned with the needs of employers, and reflects the skills today’s professionals need for success. Classes led by our seasoned experts will give you real-world insight, and create a rich community of career-focused learning. Click here to explore Champlain College Online faculty member biographies. 


Faculty Name Email Address
Jonathan Abramson jabramson@champlain.edu
Jane Adams jadams@champlain.edu
Joanna Alberts jalberts@champlain.edu
Monika Alston-Miller malstonmiller@champlain.edu
Michael Amato mamato@champlain.edu
Tiffany Andersen tandersen@champlain.edu
Brittany Anderson banderson@champlain.edu
Timothy Anderson anderson@champlain.edu
Hristo Asenov hasenov@champlain.edu
Muhammad Aslam maslam@champlain.edu
Michael Atwood matwood@champlain.edu
Alisa Avelar aavelar@champlain.edu
Charles Bagley cbagley@champlain.edu
Wendy Bailey wbailey@champlain.edu
Phillip Bailey pbailey@champlain.edu
Johann Balaguer jbalaguer@champlain.edu
Laurie Barnes lbarnes@champlain.edu
Anjali Barnick abarnick@champlain.edu
Justin Bateh jbateh@champlain.edu
Walter Becker wbecker@champlain.edu
Sajel Bellon sbellon@champlain.edu
Laura Bierley lbierley@champlain.edu
Michael Blagg mblagg@champlain.edu
Josh Blumberg jblumberg@champlain.edu
Nicole Bocra nbocra@champlain.edu
Cullen Bostock cbostock@champlain.edu
David Boyle dboyle@champlain.edu
Matthew Boyne mboyne@champlain.edu
Kevin Braun kbraun@champlain.edu
Eric Brown ebrown@champlain.edu
Lauri Brown lbrown@champlain.edu
Brian Brumley bbrumley@champlain.edu
Scott Buchanan sbuchanan@champlain.edu
James Buck james.buck@champlain.edu
John Burns jburns@champlain.edu
Kimberly Byrd kbyrd@champlain.edu
Susan Camarena scamarena@champlain.edu
David Cambio dcambio@champlain.edu
William Carrigan wcarrigan@champlain.edu
Tomas Castrejon tcastrejon@champlain.edu
Craig Cato ccato@champlain.edu
Jane Catton jcatton@champlain.edu
Christopher Chaves cchaves@champlain.edu
Travia Childs tchilds@champlain.edu
Adrian Cloete acloete@champlain.edu
Katharine Comtois kcomtois@champlain.edu
Christine Cooper ccooper@champlain.edu
Krista Crawford-Mathis kcrawfordmathis@champlain.edu
Janna Crews jcrews@champlain.edu
Joshua Darragh jdarragh@champlain.edu
Megan Daudelin mdaudelin@champlain.edu
Janelle Davis jenelle.davis@champlain.edu
Allison Dean adean@champlain.edu
Josephine Delaney jdelaney@champlain.edu
Ginger Devine gdevine@champlain.edu
Tamie-Jo Dickinson tdickinson@champlain.edu
Patrick DiMambro pdimambro@champlain.edu
Mauriella DiTommaso mditommaso@champlain.edu
Galen Dow gdow@champlain.edu
Jeevan DSouza jdsouza@champlain.edu
Matthew Dugan mdugan@champlain.edu
Robert Eddy reddy@champlain.edu
Jason Ehlers jehlers@champlain.edu
Patrick Eller peller@champlain.edu
Chris Ellingwood cellingwood@champlain.edu
Marty Engelken Engelken@champlain.edu
David Epstein depstein@champlain.edu
Christine Errico cerrico@champlain.edu
Trellany Evans tthomas-evans@champlain.edu
Cooper Fellows cfellows@champlain.edu
Lacey Finley lfinley@champlain.edu
Juan Florencia jflorencia@champlain.edu
Jimmie Flores jflores@champlain.edu
Keith Fontano kfontano@champlain.edu
Robert Forest rforest@champlain.edu
David Freyman dfreyman@champlain.edu
Candise Friends cfriends@champlain.edu
Sheila Fry sfry@champlain.edu
James Garner jgarner@champlain.edu
Chris Gastardi cgastardi@champlain.edu
Junior Gentles jgentles@champlain.edu
Stephan Giles sgiles@champlain.edu
Adam Goldstein agoldstein@champlain.edu
Daniel Gomez-Edwards dgomezedwards@champlain.edu
Austin Gray agray@champlain.edu
Bob Green Green@champlain.edu
Neil Groberg ngroberg@champlain.edu
Erin Gruene egruene@champlain.edu
Gregory Gryczan ggryczan@champlain.edu
Murat Gungor mgungor@champlain.edu
Christa Hagan-Howe chaganhowe@champlain.edu
Donald Haggerty haggerty@champlain.edu
Jenna Hamdy jhamdy@champlain.edu
Haney Hamdy hhamdy@champlain.edu
Galal Hamdy ghamdy@champlain.edu
Corey Harrell charrell@champlain.edu
Chad Hartsel chartsel@champlain.edu
Marna Hauk mhauk@champlain.edu
Brandy Havens bhavens@champlain.edu
Daniel Hawk dhawk@champlain.edu
Lisa Hebert lhebert@champlain.edu
Debra Heintz dheintz@champlain.edu
Wade Heisen wheisen@champlain.edu
Daniel Hembree dhembree@champlain.edu
Michael Hemond hemond@champlain.edu
Horner Herve hhorner@champlain.edu
Steven Hickey smhickey@champlain.edu
Chester Hosmer chosmer@champlain.edu
Sandra Hudson shudson@champlain.edu
Kierstyn Hunter khunter@champlain.edu
Maggie Hunter mhunter@champlain.edu
Matt Huwiler huwilerm@champlain.edu
Kathleen Hyde khyde@champlain.edu
Kirsten Isgro kisgro@champlain.edu
Harry Jackson hjackson@champlain.edu
Isabella Jeso ijesso@champlain.edu
Eric Jollymore ejollymore@champlain.edu
Ursula Jones ujones@champlain.edu
LaToya Jones-Manigo ljonesmanigo@champlain.edu
Allyn Kahn Kahn@champlain.edu
Casey Kahsen ckahsen@champlain.edu

Joseph Kanser

Lisa Kara lisakara@champlain.edu
Frank Kardasz fkardasz@champlain.edu
Robert Kayl rkayl@champlain.edu
Elene Kelleher ekelleher@champlain.edu
Charles Kelliher ckelliher@champlain.edu
Rich Kelly rkelly@champlain.edu
Matthew Keogh mkeogh@champlain.edu
Edward Kim ekim@champlain.edu
Jennifer Knauer jknauer@champlain.edu
Ben Kohler bkohler@champlain.edu
Leslye Kornegay lkornegay@champlain.edu
Valerie Lancaster vlancaster@champlain.edu
Marcelle Langan marcelle.langan@champlain.edu
John Lavallee lavallee@champlain.edu
Lynette Lazar llazar@champlain.edu
Diana Lee dlee@champlain.edu
Amy Letinsky aletinsky@champlain.edu
Michael Levy mlevy@champlain.edu
Donald Lewis dlewis@champlain.edu
Edward Lisoski elisoski@champlain.edu
Peter Lotto plotto@champlain.edu
Nadia Lucchin nlucchin@champlain.edu
Christopher Luongo cluongo@champlain.edu
Benjamin Luthy bluthy@champlain.edu
Patricia Lynch lynch@champlain.edu
Mary Manson mmanson@champlain.edu
Jaime Martin jmartin@champlain.edu
Shelly Masson smasson@champlain.edu
Darren Mayo dmayo@champlain.edu
Catherine McBride cmcbride@champlain.edu
Rhonda McClellan rmclellan@champlain.edu
Tabatha McCullom tmccullom@champlain.edu
Jason McGoff jmcgoff@champlain.edu
Todd McKeever tmckeever@champlain.edu
Mary Elizabeth McNicholas mmcnicholas@champlain.edu
Robert Melasky rmelasky@champlain.edu
Christine Melicharek cmelicharek@champlain.edu
Terri Melincoff tmelincoff@champlain.edu
Susan Merrick merrick@champlain.edu
Ric Messier rmessier@champlain.edu
Michael Miceli miceli@champlain.edu
Emily Miller emiller@champlain.edu
Mike Miller mmiller@champlain.edu
Linda Miller lmiller@champlain.edu
Edward Miller edmiller@champlain.edu
Chris Miller cmiller@champlain.edu
Alfred Mills amills@champlain.edu
Erin Milne emilne@champlain.edu
Maria Minor mminor@champlain.edu

George Monk

James Monroe jmonroe@champlain.edu
Kathleen Moore kmoore@champlain.edu
Tanesha Morgan tmorgan@champlain.edu
Douglas Morrill dmorrill@champlain.edu
James Myers james.myers@champlain.edu
Pamela Nash pnash@champlain.edu
Tom Nash tnash@champlain.edu
Johanna Nel nel@champlain.edu
Cara Nelson cnelson@champlain.edu
Melodie Netrabile mnetrabile@champlain.edu
Kim Nguyen knguyen@champlain.edu
Jennifer Nicholson Jnicholson@champlain.edu
Samone Norsworthy snorsworthy@champlain.edu

Donny Ohana

Robert Olsen rolsen@champlain.edu
Albert Orbinati aorbinati@champlain.edu
Jared Ordway jordway@champlain.edu
Douglas Orr dorr@champlain.edu
Nicole Ortloff-Wensel nortloff@champlain.edu
Francine Page page@champlain.edu
Daniel Palombo dpalombo@champlain.edu
Paul Pantani ppantani@champlain.edu
Harry Parker hparker@champlain.edu
Robert Perkins rperkins@champlain.edu
Denyse Perry dperry@champlain.edu
Shamelda Pete spete@champlain.edu
Emily Peters epeters@champlain.edu
Dan Petterson dpetterson@champlain.edu
David Pettinari dpettinari@champlain.edu
Cynthia Phillips cphillips@champlain.edu
Ryan Pittman rpittman@champlain.edu
Ryan Polly rpolly@champlain.edu
Julian Portilla jportilla@champlain.edu
Raymond Presky rpresky@champlain.edu
Ryan Pressley rpressley@champlain.edu
David Priganc dpriganc@champlain.edu
Steve Radewych sradewych@champlain.edu
Hadley Rakowski hrakowski@champlain.edu
Julie Rancont jrancont@champlain.edu
Richard Reddington rreddington@champlain.edu
Jimmy Reeves jreeves@champlain.edu
Carrie Revell-Love crevelllove@champlain.edu
Kenneth Revett krevett@champlain.edu
Corey Richardson crichardson@champlain.edu
Samuel Rindell srindell@champlain.edu
Elizabeth Robinson erobinson@champlain.edu
Linda Robson lrobson@champlain.edu
Esther Rosbrook erosbrook@champlain.edu

Frank Sadowski

Lanaya Sandberg lsandberg@champlain.edu
Gary Savard gsavard@champlain.edu
Donna Savino dsavino@champlain.edu
Mark Scanlan mscanlan@champlain.edu
Eileen Schiffer eschiffer@champlain.edu
Robin Schofield rschofield@champlain.edu
Marie Schonholtz mschonholtz@champlain.edu
Alexander Schraut aschraut@champlain.edu
Todd Schroeder tschroeder@champlain.edu
Melanie Schultz mschultz@champlain.edu
Daniel Selicaro dselicaro@champlain.edu
Rupen Shah rshah@champlain.edu
Cherif Sidialicherif csidialicherif@champlain.edu
Robert Simpson rsimpson@champlain.edu
Regina Singletary rsingletary@champlain.edu
Craig Sirkin csirkin@champlain.edu
Andrea Sisino asisino@champlain.edu
Anie Sklar asklar@champlain.edu
Jeanette Snell jsnell@champlain.edu
Robert Spivey rspivey@champlain.edu
John St. Hilaire jsthilaire@champlain.edu
Laura Stevens lstevens@champlain.edu
Victor Stone stone@champlain.edu
Robyn Stratton-Berkessel rstrattonberkessel@champlain.edu
Matthew Sullivan msullivan@champlain.edu
Sergio Tenreiro de Magalhaes smagalhaes@champlain.edu
Susan Thompson sthompson@champlain.edu
Elizabeth Tillotson etillotson@champlain.edu

Debra Touhey

Brandon Tries btries@champlain.edu
Lori Tuominen ltuominen@champlain.edu
Kevin Tupper ktupper@champlain.edu
Patricia Turley pturley@champlain.edu
Charles Twardowski ctwardowski@champlain.edu
Jane Van Buren jvanburen@champlain.edu
Sara Videtto svidetto@champlain.edu
Aaron Videtto avidetto@champlain.edu
Michelle Wakefield mwakefield@champlain.edu
Jeff Walton jwalton@champlain.edu
Timothy Wedge twedge@champlain.edu
James Wemette jwemette@champlain.edu
David White dwhite@champlain.edu
Charlie Williams cwilliams@champlain.edu
Clarence Wilson cwilson@champlain.edu
Mark Wolzenburg wolzenburg@champlain.edu
Michelle Worth mworth@champlain.edu
Diane Yeoman dyeoman@champlain.edu
Elaine Young eyoung@champlain.edu
Michael Zemany mzemany@champlain.edu
Joan Zito jzito@champlain.edu


CCO Leadership Team

Image of Alex Hernandez seated in office smiling at camera.

Alex Hernandez

President, Champlain College

headshot of Vice President of Online Education, Chris Montagnino

Chris Montagnino

Vice President of Online Education

Dr. Johnna Herrick-Phelps, Assistant Provost, Program Director of the  Master's in Executive Leadership program, Champlain College Online faculty

Johnna Herrick-Phelps, Ph.D.

Chief Online Learning Officer

Gary Washburn, truED Relationship Manager

Gary Washburn

Director of Admission & Academic Advising, Champlain College Online

Angela Gale Director e-learning and quality assurance

Angela Gale

Director, eLearning and Quality Assurance, Champlain College Online

Kathleen Hyde, MCIS, MBA, Chair of Cybersecurity Programs, Champlain College Online faculty

Kathleen Hyde, M.B.A., MSCIS

Chair, Cybersecurity Programs, Champlain College Online

Linda Miller, PhD, CPA, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, Champlain College Online faculty

Linda Miller, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Business & Accounting, Champlain College Online

Janet Morrison, PhD, Associate Director, CCO Advising

Janet Morrison, Ph.D.

Program Director, General Education, Champlain College Online

Dr. Albert Orbinati, Assistant Professor and Program Director for the undergraduate business administration programs, Champlain College Online faculty

Albert Orbinati, Ph.D.

Program Director, Business Management, Champlain College Online

Lanaya Sandberg, Program Director Healthcare Programs

Lanaya Sandberg

Program Director, Healthcare Administration, Champlain College Online

Sérgio Tenreiro de Magalhães, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair of Cybersecurity at Champlain College Online.

Sergio Tenreiro de Magalhaes, Ph.D.

Chair, Cybersecurity Programs, Champlain College Online

Elaine Young, Program Director Marketing & Communication

Elaine Young, Ph.D.

Program Director, Marketing & Communication

Why Champlain

Tom Cianchetta, Bachelor's Degree in Business Management

Superior Faculty

"The classroom environment was great, and the faculty were very helpful in terms of reaching out and being available. All of my professors were willing and ready to call, email or text whenever I needed them."

Tom Cianchetta Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
Digital Sales Manager, Epsilon

Academic Excellence and Recognition

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Regionally accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education

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Ranked among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs by U.S. News & World Report

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Designated as a Military Friendly School for our commitment to the military community

Intelligent.com ranks Champlain College Online among best schools with accelerated bachelor's degrees

Named the among the best schools with accelerated bachelor's degrees by Intelligent.com

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